About this App

In Range Contacts is the perfect tool for building and maintaining your professional network while on the go.

It’s free to download and easy to use. Seize opportunities with your network by receiving location proximity alerts while traveling, spending time in airports, going to conferences and trade shows, or attending sporting events. It’s discreet, personal, and can be customized to allow you to connect with those who have a mutual interest. Never pass up a networking opportunity again.

Simply INVITE & CONNECT, then SET & FORGET and close the app as it will notify you when people enter ranges you set for them.

In Range Contacts helps PARENTS learn their children arrived at a destination in a noninvasive, discreet way.

Check out FAQ #10 for more about this.

Available to download free on the Apple and Google Play app stores.


In Range Contacts

Get Alerts When Contacts are Nearby

  • Set your distance alert preferences using a global feature applied to all contacts
  • Specify whether you wish to send and receive location alerts with a contact
  • Get private proximity alerts when contacts are within a pre-defined range
  • A small in-app purchase allows a phone user to enable range settings below 30 miles or 50 kilometers
In Range Contacts

Privacy Is Important

  • You and your contacts’ locations are never mapped or shared
  • Customize notifications with each of your contacts
  • Your precise location is kept private and secure
In Range Contacts

Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Toggle your In Range Contacts location setting on or off with a single tap
  • Receive automatic push notifications when your contacts are in range
  • Easily call or message nearby contacts


  • In Range Contacts

    Easy Contact Integration

    Invite friends and professional connections into your In Range Network in seconds.

  • In Range Contacts

    Per-Individual Customization

    Tap on a contact to see Contact Details, customize distances, and choose what alerts you want to receive.

In Range Contacts
  • In Range Contacts

    Manage Your Privacy

    Easily apply a global distance setting for all contacts and customize your own visibility.

  • In Range Contacts

    See Alerts About Your Contacts at a Glance

    View the status of contact invitations, as well as notifications from those who are within your specified range.

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